Left from home: 10:30 pm, 29th June
Show start time: 12:01 am, 30th June
Stood in line:    45 minutes
“Saved” seats for friends: 2 seats
“Moved” seats due to “loud and disgusting fat woman in next seat”: 1 time
Times felt that (above) was an excellent “move”: Throughout the movie!!!
Most amazing idea: Watching the movie on 42nd Street (thats new york, new york for you)

This movie is an awesome attempt at showing what great movies can be made with Manhattan as a backdrop, literally and figuratively.
I could have started my review with words like amazing, great, mind-blowing or genius. I wouldn’t be off the mark in saying so, but those are words you’ll find plastered all over the local press and online ezines.

This movie has the great ability to show you what a finely tuned and complex machinery can do to a existing superhero franchise and make it bigger, grander and more colourful.
Everything, from the spidey-quick action of the man zooming between the cab and the container of an 18-wheeler, to the fences of an overhead walkway, to the slight skidding along the road as he falls off the subway – everything was perfectly synchronized and amazingly detailed.

The movie does not overdose on graphics and imagery. Instead, the graphics are an integral part of the storyline, and during most of the movie, you are so fully immersed that you forget that Doc Oct doesn’t really have the extra metallic arms attached to his spine. Now thats CG. I don’t need any jaggy lines, or shiny metallic thingies. Just make my experience grander, yet life-like.

Also, this is one of the few movies that manages to take you from “wow, spidey flying and fighting bad guys” to an intense 45 seconds of Raindrops keep falling on my head as Peter Parker galavants around the (amazing looking) Columbia University campus and around Manhattan and then back to the tops of buildings as he does a Matrix-esq “You can do it neo Spiderman”

This is one action movie where it will be easy for you to get angry about how Peter’s life is not fair. When he’s spiderman, people hate him, and he cannot protect anyone he loves; and when he’s not spiderman, people walk over him and no one loves him.

’nuff said. Go watch it!!