The place to be was Robert Scoble’s Geek Dinner, tonight at Mendys, NYC. It’s interesting to note that the people whose blogs you’ve read but never met – are even better in the real world.

Could become a good thesis for some poor Phd sap
Statistical evidence of good people writing good blogs

My anti-phd ramblings aside, it was a very interesting event, where, for example,  a 5 minute conversation started with Einstein and when he arrived in America, moved on to the war, then over to why Bush ain’t cool (Jeff is the man for that) then over to issues of Google and RSS, with a hint of why Winer did what he did (yes, he did. And no, I still dont know why?!) and a good finishing round of awesome falafel, Mendy’s style!

It is great to know that others who blog (some famous ones) are really down-to-earth types and are more than willing to listen to and patient with newbie bloggers like myself.

(Hmm, there’s gotta be a term for newbie-bloggers … gotta coin one ASAP, this is my golden opportunity to get on the Jargon Watch in Wired)

Let me write more later, once I get my names and facts straight.

I Love Surabhi
(She made me do it, I swear)
(Well, i do love her too, so there!)