These last 2 weeks have been hectic to say the least.

I’ve either re-learnt              OOP, Threading, Windows Forms programming
or remembered                    UI Design, generalized ITU specs
or entirely freshly-learnt        CORBA, C#, Borland Janeva (Corba wrapper for .NET)

I’ve immediately become a strong supporter of C#
C# is what Java could become if it had the power of the IDE and Forms Designer behind it.
If bundling the right Forms designer is what makes C# better/easier, then so be it.

For years, I’ve been a VB person (see comments on VB and me) and never fully made the jump to either C++ or Java. Sure I coded in C++ when needed, and in Java when forced (how else to get a BS in CS?!), I never fully took them to heart.
However C# seems like the perfect blend of the ease of use of a VB style Forms designer while providing an extremely strongly typed and powerful language at all times.

I am sure opinions will be divided, esp. since Java has had time to settle in with the programming community and C# is a new entrant from (surprise!surprise!) m$.

I’ve never sided with either the m$ or non-m$ community. I believe that I can use whatever tools best provide a quick solution as well as a long term environment to work with.

Take this project for example, the CORBA event service is running on a Sun box, and I am using my C# client (with Janeva) to subscribe as a Push Consumer.
Got Sun, m$ and Borland on the same plate.
My sysadmin is happy with the Sun security. My software architect is happy with CORBA interoperability. My end users are happy with a easy-to-use Windows app on their desks. Seeing v1.0 of this app would make me happy (@beta now).

And yet, the project goes on …