My friend and mentor Renny Koshy just had a brainwave this day …

Renny: no anonymous postings!!!    (on
Renny: How could you do that…
Renny: don’t you believe in FREE SPEECH?
Renny: OF course not…
Me: nope
Renny: you marawadi’s prolly want to CHARGE us for writing on your BLOG!?
Me: heyyyyyyyyyy
Me: not a bad idea
Me:  CHARGE us for writing on your BLOG!!!!  <<-- idea of the millenium Renny: heheh right
Renny:  I wish it was that simple…

He brings up TWO good ideas here …
1) How can blogs become a better revenue source (other than Ads by Google)?

(a) Regular Subscription is a good way to look at it.

(b) How would a pre-paid pack of (say) 100 comments for $10 work?
That way people can comment on some really popular blogs by paying. The tons of junk comments that consists of “ok”, “yeah”, “same here”  will be trimmed instantly.
And (hopefully) comments would now be specific to the topic and bring greater depth and more info to the discussions.

2) How simple can it be to pay for services like this?

(a) Tough to implement per-blog charge (credit-card entry) screens. But it could be done at LJ level (where LJ gets a cut, of course).

(b) Might be a micro-payment service – WSJ had a huge article on this the other week Find it on Google yourself
Something like BitPass? or TxTPay?

BTW, your comments are welcome. This blog is still accepting free comments.
*BONUS* Now accepts anonymous comments too!