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Month June 2004

Spiderman 2!!!

Left from home: 10:30 pm, 29th June Show start time: 12:01 am, 30th June Stood in line:    45 minutes “Saved” seats for friends: 2 seats “Moved” seats due to “loud and disgusting fat woman in next seat”: 1 time… Continue Reading →

Scoble Geek Dinner: Additional pics/photos

Here are additional pics from Scoble’s Geek Dinner I’m the one with the funky black shirt, in the last pic on row 2.

middle of nowhere

I’m visiting my uncle’s home, here in the middle-of-nowhere commercial, Chatham NJ and I have a choice of 4 different wireless networks. 2 of them named linksys and Linksys One is default and one is of course named Netgear When… Continue Reading →

World’s youngest blogger!

The world’s youngest blogger ? She actually started at D minus 2 months!!! Bitoo’s blog And here am I, proud to get clicked with the youngest blogger on the web …

Scoble brings a good crowd together!

The place to be was Robert Scoble’s Geek Dinner, tonight at Mendys, NYC. It’s interesting to note that the people whose blogs you’ve read but never met – are even better in the real world. Could become a good thesis… Continue Reading →

over-zealous debuggers

What happens when someone runs a telephone switching system kernel at full console and full file debug modes? And *then*, redirects console to file too ?

What do you read?

Emergic Fortunately (or not, depends on how you look at it) this site relies heavily on quoting from numerous global newspapers and technological magazines. However, the quotes are often attached to some very thoughtful comments! I would put this on… Continue Reading →


You’ve gotta be an IE person, who doesn’t believe in mice a lot cos you grew up writing TSR’s that soft-reset your best friends computer whenever he entered “dir/ah” In other words, simple “Add to Favorites” shortcut. My version means… Continue Reading →

You got us all tied in!

Caustic Tech Har! har! har! You’ve been Ctrl-D’d dude!!!

Lets make it a Linux vs m$ event!

In my last post on C# and my project, I almost (almost!!!) started the Linux vs. Microsoft debate. Luckily I realized my folly and switched it to a more contextual m$ vs non-m$. However, some people have difficulty from this… Continue Reading →

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