One word about the new Sony PSP.

I mean, look at it!
This little device is so cool, its hot!
I love everything about it, the generous screen real estate, the UMD format, (how could we also forget the Sony memory stick) and the styling!

Now, lets see how soon they can get it under 100  bucks per device and under 20 bucks per game. Thats when you start talking “gameboy killer”.
No matter how cool the technology, no matter how awesome the display, the bottomline: It’s not aimed for the iPod crowd. So it better get it’s pricing right.

As an aside, this guy knows what he really wants: George Saliba’s PSP designs. Way cool!
Too bad Sony reps didn’t snatch him. Might be after this post they will!

No PSP article would be complete without a Nintendo DS comparison. So here ye go …

The DS previewed at E3 better be a real pre-alpha version. The plastic looks like it was molded from recycled gameboy cases.
I had high hopes for the DS, and the final version just might not live up to the expectations.