If it’s going to be a techy blog, it’s got to have these two phrases right at the very start.

The latest issue of Wired mag has a story on Walter Mossberg.
If I can’t get my weekly dose of Mossberg, the only other thing I would settle for is a monthly dose of Wired.

Mossberg is the weekly columnist of Wall Street Journal, and writes Personal Technology. If you are lucky enough to run a company whose product/service he reviewed, you know the  kind of power he wields among the financial crowd.
I mean, writing about technology in a paper titled Wall Street Journal is challenging on the easiest of days. Writing it for over a decade, whew!

Wired is the de facto standard in magazines that go beyond PC Mag and Dr. Dobbs. It’s the real deal for people who look forward, always and with a bagful of technology by their side.

I remember, in Bangalore, Wired used to cost about 500 rupees per issue (and thats circa 1999). if you ask me, worth every paise, every month.
Now it’s a measly 1 dollar a month. Wired is the first company I wrote a check to, the day I opened my first american bank account. And worth every penny since.