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Month May 2004

eBay and pricing

Today’s rant focuses on the pricing structure at eBay Just tried my to sell the first thing on eBay and the pricing structure is horrendous. Between the eBay listing/auction service and the PayPal payment service, they end up eating anywhere… Continue Reading →

MindPillar LLC

Entirely forgot to mention to all of you … I just started my own company MindPillar LLC and will be devoting my complete energies towards making this company a success. In a nutshell, MindPillar provides managed software and project development… Continue Reading →

Sony PSP (and the obligatory Nintendo DS)

One word about the new Sony PSP. I WANT IT I mean, look at it! This little device is so cool, its hot! I love everything about it, the generous screen real estate, the UMD format, (how could we also… Continue Reading →


Today WSJ (Marketplace, page B10 Microsoft is taking games up a notch ) states that both Microsoft XBox live has around 1 million registered users and Sony PS2 Online has about 2 million. I think I read in yesterday’s (last… Continue Reading →

CrossFire Pricing

Just read Code for the Road on PC Mag. Good overview of different (choices: Java or M$) development platforms for pda’s and smartphones. Of the products reviewed, one thing that stinks is that AppForge’s CrossFire is a great product, priced… Continue Reading →

Mossberg and Wired

If it’s going to be a techy blog, it’s got to have these two phrases right at the very start. The latest issue of Wired mag has a story on Walter Mossberg. If I can’t get my weekly dose of… Continue Reading →

Aims and Goals of this blog …

For this blog … Aims:  -nada- Ideals:  -none- Goals :  -nope- Actually, i’m going to see how it is and work with the flow

Hello, world?

Hello ??? World ?

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